QuikrStuff racks: The making of an iconic brand

Every now and then, things just seem to “click.” QuikrStuff makes tough, durable bike racks built here in the United States. Using a patent from legendary product designer Cal Phillips, one that has become the next generation of his popular “Quik Rack” bike rack,...

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Tilted On Outcome!

"When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure". Goodheart's Law* "We often think of tech as a net positive but without strong discernment, relying on data flows and their source algorithms can result in wasted time and effort—blinding us to...

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It’s the Little Things

Small efforts for big outcomes What ends as a big advantage starts as a small one and compounds over time. Stop looking for big gains and start grinding on the small ones you can repeat day after day. --Shane Parish, Farnam Street Blog Shane’s perspective here is so...

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