High-end Bike Racks
Grand Junction, Colorado
Bryan Wachs, CEO

QuikrStuff launched early in 2020 in Grand Junction, CO, providing high-quality, U.S. manufactured, recreation products.

As a new company and D2C brand QuikRStuff (QRS) needed a complete set of online assets created. MSB Agency assisted with market research, website development, e-commerce, marketing automation and customer management systems, integrating all into a solid marketing and sales platform for the business.

Additionally QRS was focused on:
Establishing the capacity for US-based manufacturing, while
Managing an unusually high demand for their first product—the Mach2 bike rack.

QRS quickly faced additional challenges due to the COVID19 pandemic. Early on, they were faced with factory shutdowns due to quarantines and later, as the impacts of the pandemic continued, supply issues with aluminum.

Their situation was not unique but CEO Bryan Wach’s response was! Bryan approached each challenge with radical honesty keeping his customers, and potential customers, up-to-date with events and impacts as they unfolded.

In addition, Bryan offered customers the option to pre-purchase the bike rack, in order to secure a place in the production line—even before the racks themselves were in production. This pre-sale strategy allowed the company to engage and satisfy their core clientele—and stay solvent.

MSB built and manages the systems that support the tracking of payment and deposit for customers As production continues, pre-purchase customers are able to go to the website and see where their rack is in the production queue and feedback from customers on the queue has been fantastic!

QRS weathered the challenges of the pandemic with guts, creativity and a solid online foundation. In 2021, their second year in business, QRS had $585,000 in gross revenue—and are on track to hit $2.7 million in 2022. Today they are one of Colorado’s 50 Companies to Watch.