Geyser Systems

Hot Outdoor Shower Systems and Accessories
Montrose, Colorado
Jonathan Ballesteros, Founder

In early 2020, we were approached by Jonathan who had just had his debut go-to-market Purchase Order (PO) set aside by REI (who had just closed their stores nationwide, due to Covid). Faced with a significant shortfall, Geyser asked us to help them go direct to the consumer. The request, sell 900 units in the following 90 days.

Initial strategy sessions pointed to a YouTube focus, leveraging video on well established YouTube channels representing their core demographic. We set up a custom digital sales funnel driving traffic to their website—also driving traffic onward to REI’s website via a link on the Geyser Systems homepage.

As a result of the click through traffic generated by our campaign to REI’s website—and the subsequent pressure from those potential customers—Geyser’s original PO was fulfilled within 23 days of our campaign start. Strong sales and ongoing requests led to additional POs for 2020 and 2021.