Four Questions for Clarity & Focus

Convenience Store Marketing

The world of digital marketing services looks more and more like a convenience store, or  better yet, a pharmacy, with lots of cures and remedies offered. This has tended to cultivate a bias towards self diagnosis—buying websites, content, ads and leads “off the shelf.”

This can work—if you have the digital equivalent of a headache—but is ineffective if the need is deeper than topical relief.

Making a Strategic Difference

A more effective approach, in our opinion, is to start with a diagnosis, to think and plan before taking action—also known as strategic planning. We’re strong advocates of this and assert—based on long experience—that effective digital marketing requires a solid strategy first for success to follow. 

We also assert that the creation of a digital marketing strategy need not be complex or expensive—that, in the end, it always comes down to having effectively answered four basic questions.

A Habit of Curious Tinkering

We’ve run a number of 1/2-day workshops with clients based on these questions, producing valuable results. But we have become curious as to whether the fully immersive face-to-face session is required—can we streamline the process and still produce valid outcomes?

Please help us explore our curiosity by participating in the following survey/questionnaire that has the 4 questions at its core—giving you an opportunity to work with the 4 questions directly.

Are you Ready?

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Thanks in advance for your time. We’re always tinkering, always learning about our process and the markets we serve