Vista Equipment

Heavy Equipment and Undercarriage
Glenn Russell, Founder

When we met Glenn he was one of only six brokers of heavy equipment in the world and the seller of equipment undercarriage for heavy equipment operators—also worldwide.

Even with this stature and success Glenn’s sales and marketing efforts were a mess, inefficient and only marginally productive. As a result, he was unable to reach past those who were already counted as contacts—his market reach was stagnant.

Our assessment was he would need to upgrade his online presence through the design and development of a new website—to put him on common footing with his competitors. We enhanced that build with search engine optimization (SEO) work to improve his rank and authority over time.

In addition, we recommended that he not wait for the website development process to be completed or for SEO efforts to bear fruit. This meant engaging in a complete overhaul of his marketing efforts—he had been relying exclusively on Craigslist—with a strong investment into Google Ads as a start.

First, MySalesButler built a new landing page focused on lead conversion while the new website was under development. Paid Search Ads on Google drove people to the landing page, with immediate results.

With the foundation of Google Ads in place we expanded into Facebook, an unlikely resource—given the goal was to sell heavy equipment undercarriage—and a surprising outcome! For the next three years we consistently produced 200-300 leads a month at a $15 cost per lead—over a total of 8,000+ leads.

Was it worth it? Glenn was closing 20 to 30 sales per month at an average sale of $4,500 on a spend of roughly $6500/month (ad spend and Management fees combined)—do the math..