Positioning as a Bold Act of Creation

A workshop for small businesses and startups

Define Your Business

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Why does it matter?
Even if you haven’t done the work to answer these three critical questions, they are still implicitly expressed in everything you say and do:

The story of your brand exists, whether you consciously create it or not.

Taking Control of the Story

Your brand is really a story that lives in your customers. It’s something they feel—rather than think—and it is built from all the experiences they have had of your product or service. Taking control of that story is essential. The first step is accomplished through Positioning.


This literally means to take a position—in business, to declare that position relative to your customers and competition. When done correctly, it becomes the North Star—the organizing principle for your business and how you communicate about it. It informs the visuals, the sounds, the words you use, it describes your audience and differentiates you in the marketplace.

Positioning is the framework within which the story—the brand story—plays out. Your positioning statement is the most refined expression of who you are.

In its essence, it defines your Brand.

John’s capacity to get to the heart of my business and goals for myself was transformational. I highly recommend his workshop to anyone looking to focus their business and their results.
Boz Johnson

Founder, MagnifyROI

John easily guided me on the path to getting what was in my head out into digestible bits. I recommend that anyone who needs guidance in brand strategy or creative brainstorming —or just aid in finding their way—to contact John and open a conversation.
TJ Smith

Founder, StrayWild